• Get ready for Agile Portugal 2012!

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    Get ready for Agile Portugal 2012!

    2012 has been a hard year, for many well-known reasons, but we couldn’t give up of the good things, and Agile Portugal is just one of them for the portuguese agile community. After a long period of uncertainty on dates, venue, agendas, and support, we decided to do a lean but rich program for this 3rd edition of Agile Portugal! This year, we have the honor of receiving Richard P. Gabriel, a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University in 1981, and an MFA in Poetry from Warren Wilson College in 1998. He has been a researcher at Stanford University, company president and Chief Technical Officer at Lucid, Inc., vice president of Development at ParcPlace-Digitalk, a management consultant for several startups, a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, and Consulting Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. He is a researcher at IBM Research, looking into the architecture, design, and implementation of extraordinarily large, self-sustaining systems as well as development techniques for building them. Until recently he was President of the Hillside Group, a nonprofit that nurtures the software patterns community by holding conferences, publishing books, and awarding scholarships. He is on Hillside’s Board of Directors. He is the award-winning author of four books and a poetry chapbook. He lives in California (more…). We have also the honor to receive again Joseph W. Yoder, well-known in Portugal for his regular attendance

Agile Portugal is an international event gathering the agile community together with invited leading experts. Join us!
FEUP, Porto, June 22-23, just before São João :-)

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