Kake Coding Dojo

Join us on this coding dojo where we will use the Kake format. You will have the opportunity to practice your coding skills and improve your knowledge of TDD, pair-programming and continuous integration.

About Coding Dojos and the Kake format

“A Coding Dojo is a meeting where a bunch of coders get together to work on a programming challenge. They are there to have fun and to engage in Deliberate Practice in order to improve their skills.” — from codingdojo.org.

If it’s your first contact with coding dojos you may want to check the key principles.

The Kake format is not your regular projected-on-a-wall coding dojo. We will have three to four computers, where pairs will work in parallel and use TDD to solve a given problem, using different programming languages. You will assume three roles — pilot, co-pilot and audience — throughout a sequence of 7min iterations, where you will experience first hand the value of TDD, pair-programming and continuous integration.


  • • Intro to Coding Dojos and the Kake format
  • • About the exercise (code kata) that will be done
  • • Iterations
  • • Retrospective and discussion

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